Life lessons from Capitec and Viceroy saga

Early this year Viceroy Research came up with a damning report on South Africa-based Capitec Bank Ltd. The report questioned Capitec’s ability to survive, saying its business model is not sound. Upon the release of the report, many expected the company shares to plunge like Steinhoff after Viceroy’s report in December 2017. Capitec in fact lost 20 percent of its stock value initially but recovered after Capitec received the South Africa Reserve Bank and Standard & Poor backing. SA Reserve Bank said Capitec is solvent and S&P Global went on to say that its ratings of Capitec are unaffected and there was nothing in the Viceroy report that would lead them to review Capitec’s rating. The dirt Viceroy dished didn’t stick because Capitec is not Steinhoff and also it has the support of organizations more respected and powerful than Viceroy. So, if S&P and SARB are for Capitec who is Viceroy? A similar question is asked in the Bible “… If God is for us, who can be against us?” Absolutely no one. They will throw dirt, it won’t stick. They will attack, they won’t overcome. They will come against us but a standard shall be raised against them. They will tempt us but we shall overcome because God is on our side. However, because the enemy will be relentless in its accusations and attacks, we too should relentlessly seek God knowing that as long as we do that, He will always help us to succeed.