Life lessons from Cecil John Rhodes.

I recently read a book entitled fifty people that stuffed up South Africa authored by Alexander Parker with cartoons by Zapiro (Jonathan Shapiro). The book that described the fifty most damaging, deadly and disastrous people in South African history.  Notable among the people profiled is Cecil John Rhodes. Who once said “Money is power, and what can one accomplish without power? That is why I must have money. Ideas are no good without money… For its own sake I do not care for money. I never tried it for its own sake but it is a power and I like power.” He was the Prime Minister of the Cape Colony (1890-1896) and founder of De Beers – The world’s leading diamond company. Cecil was also described as: “monopolist; empire builder; megalomaniac; key player in the instigation of the Second Anglo-Boer War; user and corrupter of people.” He wasn’t limited by his imagination, once famously declaring, “I would annex the planets, if I could. I often think of that.” He dreamt of a railway line running from the Cape to Cairo. However he was a racist. When he failed to bring what is now Botswana under his charter he railed “It is humiliating to be utterly beaten by these niggers,”… His friend, Lewis Michell over heard him saying “So little done, so much to do” on the day of his death. He died of heart failure three months before his 50th Birthday and Africa is reported to be fortunate that he died when he did.  I remembered this Scripture while reading about Rhodes. What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his soul? Only God knows whether he gave his life to Christ before he died. I also remembered remembered Abraham, Isaac and Joseph of Arimathea; men that were wealthy but also loved God. I want to be like such men.