Live life fully… You are loved

Billy Graham, turning hundred this year once told a story of a great theologian and philosopher – Dr Karl Barth who visited a seminary in the US. There a student asked, “Dr. Barth what is the greatest truth that ever crossed your mind?” All the other seminary students were sitting on the edge of their seats to hear some great, profound, deep, complicated answer. Dr. Barth slowly raised his great shaggy gray head and looked at the student and said, “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” Dr Barth was right because if the Bible makes no other point, it shouts this one: “God loves us!” His love had no beginning or end and is incredibly patient. All we need to do is respond, not try to earn what is freely offered. The best way God demonstrated His love to us is by sacrificing His Son, Jesus, to pay the price for what God doesn’t like about us – our sin. We should therefore give our lives to Christ if we have not done that before and live because of His LOVE. We should respond to Him in love. Love Him with our whole being. Give ourselves to Him in thanksgiving and live life fully, in the freedom of knowing we are loved.

“Love God. Love People. Love Life.”