Lufefe Nomjana: Tackling Youth Unemployment Through Innovation.

Apart from getting private sector and government to work together aggressively to create an environment conducive to job creation and skills development, encouraging young people to buy in into innovation (creativity + entrepreneurship) is perhaps the most important way to tackle youth unemployment in any country. That was why I was excited when I met Lufefe, a young entrepreneur early this week. At the age of 24, Lufefe based in Cape Town came up with a plan to add spinach to foods consumed daily like bread. He created his delicious spinach bread to provide a convenient and economical way for families to consume healthier food on a daily basis. The spinach bread is in the Top 10 of overall bread sales in Vangate Mall, and Top 5 in Khayelitsha Super Spar, it’s also available at the Spar in the trendy Cape Quarter in Green Point. Lufefe has also started supplying the spinach bread to hotels like Table Bay and Lord Charles. This health-inspired baker wants to transform the eating habits of residents from Ekasi and the nation at large. Being a vegetarian, he has put in the hours in creating scrumptious yet healthy meals such as his famous spinach bread and gourmet muffins.