Position yourself for opportunity.

I once bought five shares of Naspers in 2013 but sold four afterwards. If I blame myself – for selling instead of purchasing more – from now till tomorrow nothing is going to happen. However, I can decide to buy again what I sold. The fact is life happens. We make mistakes and miss opportunities. But instead of worrying about the opportunities we have missed, the best thing to do is to position ourselves for another one coming. I like what Richard Branson once said “Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” True. Another opportunity is coming your way but how can you ensure you don’t miss out next time.

  1. Acquire necessary skill and remember “success is opportunity meeting preparation”. Louis Pasteur also said “Chance favours the prepared mind.”
  2. Look out for both open and hidden opportunities . While applying for jobs or sending out your CVs is a good way to access open opportunities, networking and demonstrating your experience, skills and expertise, such as giving talks and writing could give you access to hidden opportunities.
  3. There are immense positive benefits including contacts for possible employment when you decide  to provide service to an organization for no financial gain
  4. Create one. Start a company or an initiative. Alaina G. Levine wrote “If you need an opportunity, ask for it. If it doesn’t exist, create it yourself.”