Power For Life.

Walter Knight tells the story about a little boy who had recently received Christ. “Daddy, how can I believe in the Holy Spirit when I have never seen Him?” asked Jim.

“I’ll show you how,” said his father, who was an electrician. The father took Jim to a power plant and showed him the generators. “This is where the power comes from to heat our stove and to give us light. We can’t see the power, but it’s in that machine and in the power lines,” said the father.

“Now, son, let me ask you a question: Do you believe in electricity?” he asked. ‘Yes, I believe in electricity,” said Jim.

“Of course, you do,” said his father, “but you don’t believe in it because you see it. You believe in it because you see what it can do. Likewise, you can believe in the Holy Spirit not because you see Him, but you see what He does in people’s lives when they are surrendered to Christ and possess His power.


Credit: Hope for Each Day by Billy Graham.