Refuse the ‘me alone’ tendencies

We live in a world where many people share a lot about their lives with ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ making most of us to freely point to the best things that happen to us through our online posts. Posts that reveal our greatest qualities or achievements. However, there is nothing wrong in celebrating phenomenal things happening in our lives but all our posts especially on social media shouldn’t be about ourselves.  Ed Strauss the author of 3- Minute Devotions for Men writes “You normally take selfies and post them to show the places you’ve been and the people you’ve met. What if you were to focus on pointing out the good things happening in the lives of others? The opportunities to use social media for encouragement are greater than you often realize.” God wants you to be an encourager to someone and invest of yourself in others. Over and above the online likes and shares we participate in, we should be intentional about our interactions on social media. Use the platform to inform, teach, encourage, inspire and impact others. Also, we shouldn’t let social media prevent us from adequately investing in other people especially those whose lives may never ‘fit into a standard shiny social media profile.’

“People that know they are important think about others. People that think they are important, think about themselves.” ~ Hans F. Hansen

Do have a great week ahead.