Reinvent and Stay Relevant.

How do we stay relevant in the technologically enhanced world or in the nearest future that will be more challenging as we compete with Artificial Intelligence also known as robots. John Rupert, the billionaire who controls Cartier Owner Richemont, envisions a future in which humans are displaced by robots in the workplace and have all the time in the world to travel. “Man will have more free time and I suspect travel will increase.” Rupert said recently when Richemont reported financial reports. However, what John didn’t say was that many will be out of jobs. A recent report by Bank of America warned that even skilled jobs will soon start disappearing because of the rise of artificial intelligence.  Bank of America estimated that there’s 90% risk or more of the following being replaced: Tour guides, bakers, butchers, pharmacy technicians, insurance sales, retail sales persons, tax collectors, telemarketers, accounts and clerks. The report went on to speculate that Jobs or professions that require empathy, intuitions and lots of social interaction such as physicians, teachers, psychologists and clergy are least likely to be threatened by AI… Even if your job is not going to be threatened, it is important to keep learning and to continue to get better everyday.  One area we should seek to get better is in emotional intelligence, a term popularized by Dan Goleman in his 1996 book of the same name. People with high emotional intelligence will always be relevant despite the rise of robots.


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