Reshuffling to Slay by Abosede Ijabadeniyi

The ability to reshuffle redundant goals and ambitions is critical in this era of #Post-Truth, #Alternativefacts, #Unprecedentedattacks and Sporadic #CabinetReshuffle.

The capabilities and resources needed to achieve set goals are not static. It is common to hear people talk about pursuing their passion. By the way, passion is not static. Don’t be too rigid to miss the mark. Over and above your initial passion, there will always be other areas you can thrive and create innovative ways of #slaying.

Circumstances around you, your response to them and the intensity of your willpower interfere with the lifespan of your passion. Keep an open mind, ‘resharpen’ your axe, be sensitive to your potential passion and other niche gaps, effectively manage and optimize your passion/niche gap portfolio and be adept to change in order to slay in this new era.

The consistency of slaying in this new era is dependent on your ability to reinvent new ideas. Ideas are like a stream of water. Put yourself in environments which harness the generation of new ideas. Surround yourself with people of like minds and beware of who you share your ideas with. Above all, do all things legitimately.