Stay strong; don’t give up

Some months after I started my doctoral program at University of Pretoria South Africa in 2007 I felt discouraged and thought of quitting because I was not making progress. I considered applying for another PhD program in United States. However, after few weeks, I changed my mind, encouraged myself, asked God for wisdom and did my best. Eventually I completed the doctoral program.  Perhaps if I had given up, I would have missed out on some of the opportunities God had destined for me including my current appointment as a Visiting Professor at University of Manitoba, Winnipeg Canada in addition to George Weston Limited Fellowship (Association of Commonwealth Universities fellowship*) which is partly funding my appointment. There is a story of a boy and his little sister in the Orient. One day while going along a mountainous stony path, the sister said ‘this road is bumpy and full of big stones’, the boy replied ‘the stones are what we climb on.’ In life ‘s journey, we too will come across big stones in form of challenges or struggles perhaps in our job, family, or career but instead of allowing them to be stumbling blocks, we can be strong and full of courage to walk over them as stepping stones. The best way to walk over them is to first talk to God about the problem. Ask Him for wisdom, strength and guidance on how to walk over them. Furthermore, talking to a trusted family member or friend may also be helpful. We can accomplish our goals even when they seem impossible. We can finish strong. We should never, never give up.

“Watch, stand fast in the faith, be bold like men, and be strong.” ~ Scripture

*If your organization is part of ACU member institutions, you can apply for ACU Fellowship – maximum of 5000 British Pounds can be awarded.

ACU Fellowships support academic mobility in the Commonwealth by providing opportunities for staff at ACU member institutions to travel to another country to undertake research, collaborate and exchange ideas.

Applications close on Wednesday 8 May at 23:59 UTC+1.

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