Stretch, take risks and amazing things will follow

Growing up in South India in the 1980s, Sundar Pichai, had scant exposure to technology. However, the rotary dial model telephone his electric engineer father brought home when he was twelve years old made profound impact on his life. Later on, Sundar read every book about computers and semiconductors that he could lay his hands on. He aspired to make it to Silicon Valley by getting into Stanford so that he could be a part of all the change happening there. In 2004, he joined Google as a product manager. By October 2015, at age forty-three, Sundar had become Google’s third CEO. Today he presides over an organization with more than seventy thousand employees, market capitalization exceeding $764 billion and $110 billion annual revenue.  Sundar who believes in the power of stretch goals and taking calculated risks through Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) once said “OKRs – are the way we think about everything at Google, the way we’ve always done it.” Like Sundar, we should test the outer limit of our ability so that we can achieve our personal best. The world needs calculated risk takers; those who have learned to stretch and dare to fail. Larry Page, Co-founder of Google says,” If you set a crazy, ambitious goal and miss it, you’ll still achieve something remarkable.” I put Larry’s quote this way: When we aim for the moon, even if we don’t get there we’ll find ourselves among stars.

“If you know God’s grace, love boldly, live robustly. Swing from the trapeze; His safety net will break your fall.” Max Lucado