The Art of Gratitude

The Yorubas in Nigeria usually say “Ẹni ti ó bá mọ inú rò, á mọ ọpẹ́ dá” meaning “whoever can think/reason will know how to give thanks.” I agree with the saying completely. When we think in the right way, we will be grateful. I recently read George Clooney’s reply to an interview.  You will see a ‘grateful thinker’. Go with me for just a glance. “For me, everything is icing on the cake. I wasn’t supposed to have this career. I wasn’t supposed to be in the position I am in. I grew up in Kentucky; I sold insurance door to door; I worked in a ladies’ shoe department; I cut tobacco for three dollars and 33 cents an hour; I was uninsured for 10 years. I know how lucky I am. I understand where I have gotten to in life. I am the first person to say, yeah, I am lucky” Today, George is an actor, director, producer, businessman and philanthropist. Like George, we have to focus on how far we have come and be grateful for our success, breakthrough and progress. However, unlike George, we must give thanks to God for His grace and favour. We didn’t achieve it or we are not alive because we are lucky. God is always working behind the scene on our behalf.  This last day of the year, presents an opportunity for you and I to be grateful to God. Let’s be grateful for the small things and big things God has done for us in 2017. Let’s give thanks for both open and closed doors.

Do have a prosperous 2018.