The greatest gift

What is the most precious gift (I am not talking about money) you have ever received from someone… Mine was a Life Application Study Bible (King James Version) by Tyndale House Publishers. It was given to me by my brother in-law nine years ago. Only heaven will be able to estimate the impact of the LASB on my life. I love the Bible because it helps me to understand the context of a passage, see the interrelationships within Scripture and gain fresh insight. As I think about the gift of a Bible – The best-selling book of all time, with an estimated 5 billion copies sold according to Guinness World Records as of 1995- I am reminded of the greatest gift of all – Eternal Salvation that we have been offered – by Christ – i.e.,  ‘the elimination of a verdict on our sin, the setting aside of judgment and the award of undeserved membership in God’s family.” This greatest gift is a “change of destiny, an awakening of hope, an overcoming of death.” “Salvation turns a person toward heaven and inaugurates a life of discipleship with the living Christ. It is God’s vote for you, God’s invitation to you, God’s energy invested in you. Salvation is the reason you can smile in the morning and rest in the evening. God loves you and you belong to Him.” That is why we should tell our families, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and even strangers about this greatest gift of all. Praise God, we have been rescued from spiritual death, we need to play our part in rescuing others.

“Salvation is not just repairing the original self. It is a new self created of God in righteousness and true holiness.” ~ Billy Graham