The most special month

When I was a kid, December was a very special month. Special clothes were bought for us to wear on Christmas Day which we called “Odun Kekere” and also for the new year day which we called “Odun nla.” Apart from beautiful clothes, there was eating and drinking galore during this season along with visits to friends and families. We really loved December in a very special way. Now as an adult, December remains my most special month not because of beautiful clothes or delicious menu but because it is a season to celebrate the birth of a boy, who came to this world to save and transform us. In December, we celebrate when the King of the earth was born. Although many brilliant people have argued that Jesus was not born on the 25th of December, however it doesn’t matter to me if they are wrong or right. What matters is that He was born on a particular day and majority of us have come to accept a day in December as His birthday. This special month therefore presents a season to examine our lives and to renew our commitment to Christ.

I will like to end this week’s nugget with Matt Redman’s hymn – Light of the world – which was the last hymn we sang at Church this morning. The lines below really touched my heart.

O Jesus Son of God
So full of grace and truth
The Father’s saving Word

So wonderful are You…

Your birth was prophesied
For You were the Messiah
Who came and walked upon the Earth
Your glory we have seen
The one and only King

And now You’re living in our hearts.

You became flesh
Living as one of us
Under the shadow of the cross
Where through the blood You shed
You have made peace again

Peace for the world that God so loves.

Light of the world, Light of the world

Light of the world, You shine upon us.

Merry Christmas.