The right attitude to money

In their book, Mind Over Money, Louis Fourie, Graeme Codrington and Sue Grant-Marshal described five generations attitudes to money in the last 100 years.  GI (Hero) Generation, born 1900s to 1920s: Attitude to money – Save it to leave to my children. The Silent Generation: Born 1930s and 40s: Attitude to money – Save it for a rainy day. Boom Generation: Born 1950s and 60s: Attitude to money – Something I’ll always owe the bank. Generation X: Born 1970s and 80s: Attitude to money – A means to an end – not an end in itself. The Millennial Generation: Born Mid 80s to 2000s: Attitude to money – Use it to change the world. I like the Millennial Generation attitude to money however to know the best attitude to money, we need to ask the wisest person that ever walked on our planet. He once said, you cannot serve God and mammon’. My reflection from that profound words is that, instead of serving money, let it be your servant. Use it as a weapon to help others. The wisest man also said it is not wise to lay up treasures on earth rather it should be laid up in heaven. Meaning that we are to use our money and possessions strategically and sacrificially to serve others and to advance God’s kingdom priorities. It also means giving generously and sacrificially to the needs of others especially vulnerable people.

“Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.” ~ John Wesley