Twelve ‘Books’ You Should Read in 2018

One of the best spiritual exercise you can to do this year is to read the 66 books of the Bible. However, if you can’t, I recommend that you read at least 12 books; six in the Old Testament and six in the New Testament. These are my picks and I have also included the reason for my choice.

1.Genesis: It tells us how it all started and how man messed up. The key verse for me is Genesis 3:15. It shows us that God provided a lasting solution after man fumbled.

2. Joshua: I recommend this book because it shows you that our God is dependable. He got the Israelites into the Canaan land as He promised. This great book also contains the secrets of real success and greatness. My key verse is Joshua 1:8.

3. Psalm: The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. This book teaches you why you must praise God. It also explains how and when you must praise or glorify God. Psalm also explains the benefits of studying the Scripture. My key verse: Psalm 8:4

4. Proverbs: We all need a dose of wisdom and common sense. Read this book to get that. I once read that we should read one chapter of Proverbs before we leave our home in the morning and read five chapters of Psalm when we return. Sounds interesting. My key verse: Proverbs 4:7

5. Isaiah: The book prophesied the birth and the death of our Messiah, and the fact that we are heading for a glorious future.I also like this Book because it provides information on a lot God’s promises for you and I.

6. Daniel:If you want to know who is in charge of this world including who has the final say and particularly information on future world events. Read this book. It is also the story of four courageous men who chose to trust their God. My key verse is Daniel 4: 25

7. John: Read this book to know the mind of God as revealed to His special beloved friend. The Book will show you among other things that you can’t amount to anything without Christ. My key verse is John 1:1.

8. Romans: This book will show you the role faith and grace play in our salvation. My key verse is Romans 6:1

9. Acts: This book explains the role of the Holy Spirit in His church and that when the church is united in love, miracles are regular occurrence. My key verse is Acts 1:8

10. Ephesians: This book opens your eyes to your position in Christ and it also gives relevant information on Christian calling and conduct. My key verse is Ephesians 2:6

11.1 & 2 Peter: Jesus, once said after Peter made a God inspired statement: On this rock I will build my church. So, I have included Peter’s included inspired writings in ‘my 12’ picks. The Book among other things, explained the high moral standard and right behaviors expected from a believer and it also warned of false teachers and leaders. My key verse: 2 Peter 2:1

12. Revelation: In this Book, you will encounter the glorified Jesus and how they worship God in heaven including the judgment awaiting Satan and his followers. And most importantly, you will read about the rewards Christ will give to His followers. My key verse is Revelation 20:6.

Do have a great year ahead.