What is your one thing?

Whether when we started a Christian fellowship at St John Mary’s Unity Secondary School, Owo or Promise Keepers’ branch at Federal University of Technology, Akure or when we were nominated to pastor the then new Redeemed Christian Church Parish – Latter Rain Parish-  in Akure even though I was (am) not called to be a pastor; or at every available opportunity during teaching in classrooms or meetings with my mentees; even on social media or through publishing and also sharing the gospel to strangers, my desire was and still to encourage and motivate my hearers and also my readers to dream more, learn more, and become the best they can be. This desire or yearning eventually revealed to me that my gifting, talent and interest called me to become a leader –someone who innovates and deals in hope… I have a question for you. What is the one thing that you will gladly do even if no one pays you to do it? What is the one thing you do better than anything else you do? The New York Times bestselling author of Strengths Finder 2.0, Tom Rath, said that every person does something better than the next 10000 people…What’s yours (your one thing)? I found mine. You should find yours too if you don’t know it yet. When you discover your one thing or what you do best, you will be more productive and you will live a life of significance. You will really start living and stop existing.

“There is a link between your one thing and your purpose – ‘the lifeblood of intentional living’” ~ OAI