Your belief will keep you going…and make you to triumph

My belief in God and myself has kept me going when others doubted me or wanted to limit me. Here’s what I mean:

After completing my PhD in South Africa, I returned to my Job in Nigeria. Few weeks later, I came to the decision that relocating from Nigeria would benefit my career goals, personal development, my country and wider society. Fortunately, I had secured an offer of employment in South Africa.  So I wrote my resignation letter and offered to pay back the salaries my employer in Nigeria paid while I was on study in SA. Unfortunately, my employer refused to accept my resignation instead treated me unjustly and unfairly. Earlier, someone in the management had contacted my aunt and the former personal manager to convince me to change my mind. To make matter worse my dad, mum, sisters, a very close friend of mine and the then deputy Vice Chancellor (now VC of a popular Private University) suggested I change my decision. However, I believed that the decision to resign was a wise one not only that, I had peace about my difficult decision. Within three years, I had to pay back the sum of 5.7 million naira, an amount more than the total salaries received by me while on study leave. But thanks be to God, less than 7 years after leaving my former job, I had been promoted to professorship position and also contributed to capacity building of five lecturers from Nigeria who I supervised their fully funded PhD and Masters at my current university in South Africa. Four of them that registered for PhD were also supported through my research grants for training in Canada, Israel, France and Denmark. The cost of funding the postgraduate studies of these Nigerians including cost of buying research supplies, training abroad is more than one million and four fifty thousand Rands (R1,450,000) ~ $118,446. Apart from these fellow Nigerians, I am currently hosting and supervising a postdoctoral fellow from Nigeria; the value of the two – year fellowship is seven hundred and fifty thousand Rands (R750,000). To crown it all, my wife that didn’t have a Master’s degree when I dropped my resignation letter now has a PhD and currently, a postdoctoral fellow.

When John Maxwell was 25 and many people thought he could not lead the largest church in his denomination, he thought he could – and he did. When he was 27 and he told his wife he would be a millionaire by the time he was 40, she thought he was nuts and worried she was in trouble! John wasn’t nuts and she wasn’t in trouble – and he accomplished that goal. When he said EQUIP would train one million leaders around the world, some thought he was reaching too high, but he reached anyway – and it happened.

You can see from John’s story and mine that when you sincerely believe in yourself and most importantly in God, nobody can stop you from reaching your goal even when some doubt you and try to limit or stop you.

“Fear and self-doubt are the greatest killers of personal genius.” ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki