Your ‘Passport’ is more important than any other thing in life.

Not too long ago while visiting United States of America, I approached about two or three young African Americans for assistance regarding the bus to take to my accommodation. One of them, a lady explained to me. I was about leaving when she asked for a dollar for her transport. I brought out an envelope from my lap top bag, gave her a dollar coin and I left for the other side to join the bus. A guy with the lady followed me and offered to assist me to get to my accommodation. I respectfully turned down the offer. While taking the picture of the bus time table, he dipped his hand into my lap top bag, grabbed my International Passport, South Africa Identity Document including the envelope containing about 170 dollars and ran to the train track on the other side. I left everything behind and ran after him and shouted “Please I am from Africa, take the money but give me back my passport…” After sometime, he stopped, threw back my passport and my ID and joined an oncoming train. When I got my passport, I was so happy. Yes, I was careless but God was merciful. I said to God. Thank you that my life was not threatened, that I was not the thief and that it was only 170 dollars that was stolen. Later, as I was thinking about this experience, it occurred to me that like that thief stole my passport, although his target was the money, there is another thief, Satan that is after our passport – our salvation. Unlike the thief that I encountered at Union Station St Louis Missouri, this thief is not really interested in our money. He wants our passport (salvation). We must prayerfully and wisely look after our passport – salvation. And if we have been careless like I was, it is not too late to ensure that our passport (salvation) is intact. We must examine our lives to ensure we are still in the faith.

“…Redouble your efforts. Be energetic in your life of salvation, reverent and sensitive before God” ~ Scripture ™.