A set up for a blessing

Before I eventually found a publisher for my book and ‘self-published’ it few days ago, I searched for a publisher that will do a good job at a reasonable price in South Africa without success. However, it was when I was assisting a Christian brother that I had a breakthrough. The brother who lives in Nigeria, had requested for my help to purchase a medication for his wife. After purchasing the medication, off I went the same day to courier it but couldn’t do it because I didn’t have my Identity Document (ID) on me; my Driver’s License wasn’t accepted as form of identification. It was when I went back the following day with my ID that I met the lady that recommended the publisher of my book. Let me point out two facts here. I wouldn’t have met the publisher if I didn’t act promptly on my brother’s request and if I went with my ID on the day that the medication was purchased. There are two lessons that could be learnt from my experience. One, when something doesn’t happen the way you want it, it may later be to your own advantage. Second, when you give willingly and cheerfully, you may be setting up yourself for a blessing or a miracle.  So be quick to give not only in the church. Donate to good causes. Give to people in need. As long as you have it, share generously with those who ask for help. Then expect to be blessed one way or other. After my book was published, I told myself, if I could buy the medication and courier it without asking a refund from my brother, it shouldn’t be hard for me to find someone living outside South Africa who will buy my book and also pay the cost of postage. Interestingly, the first person to buy my book from outside SA (from UK), paid over and above the price of the book and postage. And the first person to pay for my book in SA, paid for 5 books and told me, he would pick one and I should give the remaining four to those that can’t afford to buy my book.

“The Golden rule (stipulated in Matthew 7:12) is the foundation of active goodness, mercy and blessing.” Tosin ‘Badeniyi