Never stop learning

We should never never stop learning. Whether you are a 5-year-old or 75-year-old you must keeping learning. One thing that should be common to a primary school student or a professor is thirst for knowledge. I have these two questions for you. (1) What book are you reading or you are about to read? (2)  What course have you registered for or planning to register for? For the next three weeks I will be completing sustainable business strategy course at Harvard Business School (Online). I am excited about this program because it will provide knowledge on how to influence management and other key stakeholders on the competitive advantages of being a purpose-driven firm, and how to integrate values into one’s work so that firms can be transformed into catalysts for system level change. As a lecturer of Food Industry Management (which encompasses the business of food technology, business plan, food entrepreneurship, etc.), the program will assist me to improve the content and delivery of FIM. The program will also help me to enhance my leadership skills and grow my network. Other courses I will like to register for in future include: Disruptive strategy (at Harvard Business School), AI for business leaders (Udacity) and Blockchain & Money (MIT) which Prof Gary Gensler, President Biden’s nominee for Chairman of the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission taught for 4 years. However, knowledge about God trumps knowledge of disruptive innovation, artificial intelligence or block chain. And so, we should also continue to learn the Word, study theology, apply biblical principles to our lives and live what we learn.

In my last ‘YouTube’ interview, Mr Oladokun gave great advice for people just starting their career in IT. One of the things he mentioned is the importance of data science.

Follow the link below to watch the interview.