Faith in God and enthusiasm about COVID-19 vaccine

Ester le Grange is a nursing manager at Mitchells Plain Hospital in South Africa. Her faith in God was key to her survival before and after she was diagnosed with Covid-19 even though she is over 60 and has comorbidities including diabetes and hypertension. Ester, who had the Johnson and Johnson vaccine a few weeks ago is hopeful for the future and she is more confident to face the covid-19 third wave. Like Ester, we can continue to have faith in God and at the same time be enthusiastic about taking covid-19 vaccine.

Recently I sat down with Dr Patrick Katoto to talk about COVID-19: Truth and Lies. We discussed his COVID-19 related research, how we can prevent a pandemic like COVID-19 from happening in future and we addressed vaccine hesitancy.

Ester’s story (Credit: Sunday Times).