Strength in Tough Times

It is easy to think that once we give our lives to Christ we won’t have problems or difficulties in life again. However, thinking this way may lead to disappointments in future or may cause others to backslide when an unexpected crisis occurs. We must remind ourselves that everyone in the world experiences tough times because life is not a bed of roses. Jesus even told his disciples “In this world you will have trouble” but the good thing is that He also said He will always be with them. He will give them strength. I recently read Charles Spurgeon’s explanation of why Christ allows Christians to experience tough times. He writes “Look upward to your heavenly Father and see how pure and holy He is. Do you know that one day you will be like Him? Do you think that will really happen easily? Won’t it take a great deal of refining in the furnace of affliction to purify? Then look around you. Where are you? In enemy territory. The world is not your friend. Finally, look within you, into your own heart. Sin and self are still inside you. You should expect trouble then.” When I first read what Charles wrote, especially the last five words, I felt uneasy. How can he write that? I asked my self. I will rather expect great and good things to happen to me, not trouble. But upon diligent study and reflection over other portions in the new testament especially, I saw vividly the certainty of tough times all over the place. But that doesn’t mean that we should expect trouble. We can pray that the years of our sojourning will be long easier life and determine to give succor and strength to those going through times. 

“…It wouldn’t be easy: Anyone signing up for the kingdom of God has to go through plenty of hard times.” Scripture