The best treasure ever

Wouldn’t it be so cool to find hidden treasure! That was what some people in a tiny, rural village in South Africa’s Kwa-Zulu Natal regions thought they found beneath the soil recently. As word spread that there were diamonds to be found, thousands of people descended with pick-axes in hand. One of the pictures that trended was that of an elderly woman digging to find a diamond. This woman and other treasure seekers dreamed of a better life but sadly, they were left with shattered dreams when they discovered that the “diamonds” were worthless quartz. Finding sparkling diamonds and rubies and sapphires would be great, but not as finding God and the treasures that He gives. Unlike the people of KwaZulu Natal, you can never have shattered dream when you seek the best treasure ever with all your heart because you will find Him. When you find Him and He becomes your Saviour, your sins will be forgiven, God becomes your Father, your name will be written in the book of life, you will never die, you will become God’s heir and joint heir with Christ and you will have a place in heaven. All these – and more importantly Jesus Christ – are the best treasures ever!