Mercy Said Yes!

Have you ever tried to do something and you remembered a Scripture? That was what happened to me last year. I wanted to give some food to a young white man that used to beg on the way to my work. By the grace of God, I had given him food for a number of time before, but on this day, I remembered the Scripture that says, “…let he that doesn’t work not eat.” Although, I did eventually give him, I continued to meditate on the Scripture. Then I reasoned that I also didn’t deserve forgiveness or any good gift from God but He gave them to me anyway. God’s mercy said yes to me. I have also thought about how some companies in South Africa responded to the people that looted from their outlets recently. Massmart who had 41 stores looted and four facilities damaged due to the arson sent trucks filled with grocery supplies to Kwazulu-Natal. Obviously some of the people that looted may have also received some of the supplies. The government of South Africa is also considering basic income grant financing mechanism for the unemployed population aged 15-59 years so as to tackle the grinding poverty in the country. Both SA government and Massmart have allowed mercy to guide their response to the crisis. What can you learn from my write up this week?… Let mercy guide you in your interaction with others and never forget the words of our Lord “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”