It’s good to think about heaven

I recently shared on Facebook and Twitter that “when I get to heaven in 2075 (if Jesus tarries). Guess the second person I would like to meet?” One of my friends that responded guessed right the second person I would like to meet. After meeting our Lord Jesus, the second person I would like to meet is Apostle Paul. I have thought about how I would ask my very good friend, Tope Oladele that went to be with Lord about 15 years ago, to take me to Paul’s house. Obviously he would have met virtually all the important Bible characters by now.  Apart from Paul, other people I would like to meet include Apostle John, Jonathan (the beloved friend of David), Charles Spurgeon (the Prince of Preachers); C. S. Lewis (British writer and lay theologian) and many more. It is good to think about heaven and if we are not thinking about that beautiful place where our Savior lives it may be that we have forgotten that we are not of this world. Albert Barnes writes “…our thoughts should be occupied about the things where Christ now dwells, where our final home is to be, where our great interests are. Since we are raised from the death of sin, and are made to live anew, the great object of our contemplation should be the heavenly world.” So when do you desire to leave this world to meet your loving Saviour? Write it down. Also write down what you would like to achieve for your Lord before you meet Him. May you live long and may you gladly spend yourself and all that you have for Jesus and the people He loves!

“The most thrilling thing about Heaven is that Jesus Christ will be there. I will see Him face to face. Jesus Christ will meet us at the end of life’s journey.” Billy Graham