The Author of Peace and Order

During the First World War, on Christmas Eve, the battlefield was strangely quiet. As the soft snow fell, the thoughts of the young men were of home and their families. Then one lad began to hum “Silent Night.” Others joined, singing the chorus until the trenches resounded with the Christmas song. When they finished they were amazed to hear the song reverberating from the trenches across no-man’s land: In their own tongue the other soldiers also sang “Silent Night.” That night they were thinking of The Prince of Peace, the Christ of Christmas.

Our world would be different if we could all unite around that “Holy Infant so tender and mild.” Earth could be as Heaven with Christ. Discord can be as peace when Christ is near. Midnight gloom can be transformed into noonday brightness when He abides with us. Zero hunger can be achieved and homelessness can be solved when we truly love and obey the then Baby Jesus and now the coming King.

The Christians believe that only Christ can bring about a lasting peace in our world and this will occur during His millennial reign.  However, while we wait for His coming, we can experience His peace in our hearts and we can be peace makers in the world, as we commit our lives to Him.

Merry Christmas!