2023: Your most successful year ever!

2022 was my most productive year in terms of the number of peer reviewed scientific articles I published with my collaborators and team members, in one year. We used to publish an average of 4, but last year we broke the record by publishing 12. 

While reflecting on what we had done in the past and what we did differently, I wrote down 7 points that you could also apply so as to make 2023 you most successful year.

  1. Dream big and set goals. Although I didn’t write down my big hairy audacious goals, I had them at the forefront of my mind and I arrived 2022 with high expectations. 
  2. Learn to collaborate and network with people that have similar interests with you because there is power in synergy. There was no single article that was published by myself alone. Everything published, was through team effort. That doesn’t mean, it is wrong to publish a single authored article or have a solo-success.
  3. The best time to start working if you want to have a successful year is the previous year or even earlier. Many of our articles were submitted for publication in 2021 and even some of the work were done in 2020.
  4. Get skilful people to join your team, motivate them to perform optimally and give them space to explore their creativity. 
  5. Don’t give up. Few of our manuscripts were rejected and some were accepted with minor corrections but we refused to be deterred. Instead we made necessary corrections until they were accepted. 
  6. Some team members may not directly contribute to your success but be patient with them and encourage them to try their best the following year. 
  7. Trust God. Pray and ask God for His wisdom and strength always. At the same time, work hard like Saint Augustine said “Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.”

May 2023 be your most successful year!